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8 Key Benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 Email for Business

Microsoft Office 365 is something that can organise all of your files in the cloud. You can access all of your stored files from any location and any device. This is why most companies prefer using it. There is a website development company in Northampton, One to One Design Studio, that is also a cloud service provider. They offer the best web design services in Northampton.


Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Email for Business


1. The Ability to Work Remotely

Most modern professionals work remotely at least one day of the week, and about half spend half of the week at home. This has increased exponentially during the pandemic, with the entire world working from home, so businesses had to adopt remote work policies. You need to be able to give all the teams virtual access to all the technologies and tools that are needed to work effectively. Microsoft Office 365 allows users to do this as long as they have an internet connection.


2. Subscription-Based Model for Scalable Business Growth

Office 365 enhances flexibility while allowing you to scale as your business is also growing. YOu can also mix and match all of your business apps so that you can make your own solutions so that they can meet the specific needs of each department and user. You also get a model that is subscription-based so that you can simply add or remove licenses to add or remove any users.


3. Streamlined Business Collaboration

If you have many remote employees in your company and each member isn’t working in the same location, collaboration can be difficult. Lack of face-to-face interaction can lead to employees needing access to all the modern business collaboration tools so that they can work together on projects, brainstorm, and even go over edits and approvals in real-time. Office 365 is the perfect tool for all of this.


4. Simplified Virtual Communication

Most remote workers say that collaboration and communication is the biggest struggle for working remotely. This is why the right tools can give you engaged and successful teams and not unhappy and isolated employees.


Office 365 has the perfect features like SharePoint, Yammer, Sway, Outlook Groups, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams etc., to help teams communicate and collaborate effectively no matter where they’re located.


5. Reduced Software Expenses

One of the advantages of Office 365 is how it can help you save money on different software expenses. It is subscription-based, as mentioned before, so you only need to pay for what you’re using. You can easily mix and match plans according to what software each employee needs, as not everyone would need the same ones.


6. Advanced Security Features

Secure data is a priority for every business, especially online. Office 365 is one that gets update regularly while being subscription-based so that you always get the latest security patch without needing to buy add-ons to needing to make manual updates.


7. Office 365 Email Benefits

Outlook 365 for Business means that all your contact information, calendars, and emails are synced with the up-to-date versions automatically and can be accessed from any device that is logged in. You can also customise emails but making custom formats with images and domain names, and you can keep your emails with the 100 GB of storage provided.


8. File Storage and Sharing Capabilities

There are also storage and sharing capabilities where you can access and share files securely inside and outside the organisation to coworkers and clients alike. SharePoint is an app that can help you do this for teamwork and collaboration.



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