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Technology –Digital Transformation – Employee Empowerment

The world is packed with problems, and we will not address them as one person. We're going to replace them with teams who are distinctive and compelling. Build a contemporary workplace to help your organisation accelerate its digital transformation.

We help companies create a truly contemporary workplace by leveraging the cloud, digital technologies and Microsoft 365 to provide your employees with the most up-to-date productivity, collaboration, and communication tools. One to One Design Studio are transformation specialists who will guide you through the discovery, implementation, and adoption phases of your workplace change.

What is Modern Workplace Solutions

Modern Workplace Solutions is a process of using technology to change the way you do business. The Modern Workplace is building a culture of change and innovation that allows you to analyse and integrate the latest and most astonishing technology quickly. In a digital-first world, digital transformation is about rethinking how you integrate people, data, and processes together to generate value for your customers and retain a competitive edge.

Modern Workplace Solutions objective is to enable your employees to work safely from any location and on any device, allowing them to engage in work that enriches and fulfils them. Companies must give that empowerment while still safeguarding critical IT assets. For your clients, it's a major operational shift and an opportunity for you.

Components of Modern Workplace Solutions

• Integrated Technology

Avoid using multiple applications or software by implementing a complete integrated workplace solution. Take advantage of an integrated ecosystem of secure applications that seamlessly sync.

• Cyber Security

Cloud security that is enterprise-level is critical. Identity, business applications, data, and devices are all secured by cloud-based security solutions that are powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data analytics.

• Robotic Process Automation

To boost efficiency and streamline processes, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation will be employed. Business operations and functions may increase their productivity by using intelligent search and automated custom processes.

• Resilience, Agility and Extensibility

Modern Workplace Solutions helps businesses be more agile by accommodating a wide range of contemporary working styles. Modern cloud-based workplace solutions allow you to scale up and down as your company expands.

• Collaboration

Newfangled solutions are built to empower your workforce by encouraging seamless collaboration and greater productivity as they work together to solve problems.

• Versatility

The user experience is confined to all the digital products starting from websites to software. Modern Workplace Solutions offers users may safely access their work from personal or corporate devices, including mobile, laptop, and desktop computers.

Business Benefits of Modern Workplace

• Productivity

Digital tools, Microsoft Power Platform, automated email solutions, and electronic alerts can help to streamline routine procedures that consume too much time at work. Employees that are actively involved in their work begin to find meaning and purpose in what they do every day at work. As a consequence, they begin to enhance workplace efficiency, resulting in increased production.

• Growth Opportunities

The fact is that Modern Workplace Solutions boost corporate profits. Company employees will have more time to focus on other critical business challenges when they have digital workplace solutions to assist them in managing operations. Employees respond to new challenges and find new methods to boost production, resulting in increased employee engagement. Employees who work harder, smarter, and faster generate more revenue for the organisation.

• Reliable and Predictable Outcomes

Modern Workplace Solutions provide a system that produces consistent results and a consistent end result. Employees can use this approach to manipulate the system and get the outcomes they want from their work. Automating forms, applications, CRM solutions, and cloud support systems allow your employees access to customer and prospect data to achieve predefined results.

How we can help

One to One Design Studio can help your employees to enhance team collaboration wherever they work by integrating intelligent systems, modern digital tools, and seamlessly connected apps. You can ensure that your company employees can work from anywhere and on any device using our Digital Transformation Solutions and Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies.

As a Modern Workplace Solutions Specialist, we can analyse the paper based work flows and designing the digital process. The digital product User Experience superimposes the Modern Workplace Solutions we offer to our clients. We also offer Usability Testing on your existing digital goods and provide UX professional advice and report to help you modernise your digital product.