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User Experience Consulting

We are a User Experience Consulting firm, blends the UX principles and methodologies in developing websites, mobile applications, software & web apps. Our critical success factor is re-engineering the Human-Centered Design concept for your business requirements. We provide a digital solution which is usable, valuable, credible, findable, desirable & accessible for our clients. We have a unique model of road map for delivering our services to clients who require a new digital solution or who require to revamp the existing digital product. We will collaborate with our graphic designers, content developers, project managers, stakeholders & developers in our design thinking process to develop a productive digital product.

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UX Expert Analysis

Our team will study the business intent behind the product and recognise the user needs & difficulties while interacting with the product. Our UX professionals will conduct a review of your digital product through UX Methodologies, UX Testing & Evaluation and suggest recommendations to improve the user experience of a particular product.

User Research

Our UX Research Process will discover all niche user needs to make the digital product productive. Firstly, we will implement techniques like MoSCoW, focus groups, user interviews, Soft System Methodologies and User Personas on gathering the information of how the users interact the product with minimal cognitive load.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is an essential component of any application and Website. Our UX specialists will organise and construct your business information in a satisfactory way to the user. We utilise various techniques like user journey maps, card sorting, and so on to investigate what client need from the digital product.

UX Design

Our designer's team will design digital products by putting themselves in the shoes of the user and we will deliver our design thinking process focused towards user's empathy. Our Graphic designers develop design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do, will ensure that all interface elements are easily accessible, understandable and facilitate the intended user actions. One to One Design Studio have proven experience in developing Skeuomorphic and flat digital designs. Our designing process starts with sketching, annotated wireframing, developing low fidelity designs and ends with astonishing high fidelity designs.


We will offer our clients how a product will interact or work with the user before it goes live. We will develop interactive prototyping for your product and identifies the usability issues before we deliver the product to the users. We will take the opportunity to correct the usability issues and redesign the productive product. We will offer stunning mockups for our clients to visualise the finalised product.

User Testing

To take a competitive advantage in this digital world, any organisation have to innovate continuously. Our UX experts have proven experience in performing user testing to identify the key features and functions that value most for your product. We perform both moderated & unmoderated user testing in both remotely and physical environment. The head-turning recommendations from our UX testing team will enable our clients to visualise the scale of the product.