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What Are the Quality Metrics of the Website and why are they Important?

For the sake of digital presence, every business gets their website made. It’s not a complicated or time consuming thing to get it done these days. But how much thought process is put into its making does matter a lot.

Setting up the website is just the first step. The next step is to maintain and monitor it on a regular basis. It will not be fruitful if you get it made once and leave it hosted without attention. The overall quality of the website is built up over time and is not something that can be done instantly.

But, why do we even need to put so much effort into it? The whole point is that the website is not supposed to be a static one or bland display of information. It is supposed to be interactive and help the business in maintaining the touch with its customers.

Following factors should be kept in mind so that the quality of the website can be maintained:

Content of the website:

Content plays a big role in ensuring the quality of the website. Nobody has much time to go through pages of details to look for something useful. The information has to be precise and easy to understand at the same time. Some of the smart approaches are to use infographics, icons, suitable colour schemes etc.


Many designers think too far from the box in order to make their work look different. Though it’s really nice to be creative and think differently, following some format is important because users are used to them and look for those signs on every website. For example, if as a user, you want to look for vacancies available, you would look for the ‘careers’ section. If the names of the pages are titled completely differently or the menu is not easily accessible, being different won’t be very helpful. The website has to be user friendly and easily navigable so that the users don’t have to struggle using it.

Language of the website:

The website should speak the language and reflect the personality of your business. It has to be in alignment with the philosophy of your business. The values, vision and principles of the business as to be conveyed through the website which is why it is important for the developers of the website to understand the same. From the business side also, there should be signs of involvement by people inside the company to maintain some personal touch with the outsiders. This all develops a warm and welcoming environment, attracting customers.

A good quality website is not a one person effort. Usually, it involves collaboration between the business owners, UX designers, developers and SEO experts etc. The inputs from everyone can create a ‘digital home’ for the business where visitors would enjoy visiting.