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Why Is Responsive Design Good for Small Business Websites?

Responsive design is essential when it comes to small business websites. A lot of it has to do with SEOs, reaching an audience that is larger while also staying in touch with the latest trends, so your website remains eye-catching. If you’re a small business Googling ‘Web design Northampton,’ we can help you. One to One Design Studio, DCSL Guidesmiths, Netsell Groups and Intelivita are some of the best web design companies London.


Responsive Design

It basically is a website that is optimised for potential viewers on various types of resolutions, screens, and devices. The design is adaptive to the viewing space that the viewer is offered so that they get a better experience with navigation, zooming or scrolling.


A good example would be when you tilt your phone on any app/website to make it landscape or portrait, the app/website’s design will adapt to the new resolution and screen size. If the website looks exactly the same on your phone as it does on the laptop, then that is not a responsive design.


Advantages of a Responsive Design

Getting a responsive design is a must when it comes to businesses or any website, for that matter. The only time it would not be a priority is if you’re not dependent on the website to remain in business.


Let’s talk about why you need to consider web designs UK services to get responsive design for business.


  • Reach

Since 2013, it has been noted that there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of people that use their electronic devices for online activities. This means that if you do not offer your customers an excellent experience on the device that they’re on, you could lose them. But if you do, visitors could be converted to customers.


  • Mobile devices

A good percentage of your visitors are on your website from their phones or tablets, and if you aren’t giving a responsive experience to them, you could lose a large customer base.


  • Code

If your website is responsive, you only need to maintain the code on your website, and that would be translated on the mobile from the desktop version. This is better than having a separate set of code for the mobile version.


  • SEO

You get a significant SEO advantage with responsive design. What you do for content on the desktop version is published once, and there are no risks of duplicate content. And that would be readily available on the mobile as well. You would also rank higher on the mobile search.


  • Ads

You can also increase earnings and conversions from ads. Research states that this increase can be upto 20-30% for responsive design as compared to mobile-friendly versions.


  • Competition

Since responsive design is almost an industry standard, you can be on par with your customers or even one step ahead if they haven’t adapted to responsive design.


  • Futuristic Outlook

It is estimated that more than 5 billion people are using mobile phones now, and this will only increase. You cannot ignore these stats, and therefore it is safe to assume that responsive design will soon become a norm. This is something that you can see in many web designs UK.


  • Consistency

Consistency is vital when it comes to branding. And that is in any aspect of it, be it the logo and visuals, content or even service. Your website and how it looks on different devices is no expectation to this rule, especially when it comes to the best web design companies London.



This article should be more than enough to encourage you to Google, ‘Web design Northampton,’ if that is where you are based, that is. Responsive design is a must for all types of websites, whatever be the use for it. You can either convert your non-responsive website to a responsive one or start from scratch.