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Web Design Fundamentals you should be aware about

Website design has a few fundamentals that cannot be ignored, and we will be looking at them in this article. These principles not only make the site more user-friendly but can translate to direct revenue. It is best to hire a service to do this for you as they are experienced and are experts in the field.


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Web Design Fundamentals

1. Don’t Make Users Think

When it comes to usability, the webpage that the user comes on should be self-explanatory and obvious so that all question marks are gotten rid of. This means that you need to get rid of all the decisions the users may need to make.


These questions are bound to grow if the site architecture and navigation are not intuitive, and then the user can have a hard time figuring out how the system works. Users can easily find their way if there are easily recognisable links, moderate visual cues, and a clear structure.


While the design of a page may be intuitive and simple, if the user needs to search for what the page is about, there is an unnecessary question. This needs to be at zero so usability increases, which is the primary goal in the first place.


2. Don’t Squander Users’ Patience

The user requirements need to be minimal when you’re offering visitors a tool or a service. There is a greater likelihood that a random visitor will try out the service if the action required to do so is less. First-time visitors will not be willing to fill a form for an account they may not use, but they would be willing to play with the service.


It is best to allow them to discover your services and explore the site before asking for any private data. But you can ask them to enter an email address if they’d like so you can test the feature out. This is because they will be likely to do it if they’ve seen the feature and have an idea of what the return of doing this will be.


Generally, you should remove barriers so there is no need for registrations or subscriptions at the get-go, as this can be an impediment and cut down incoming traffic.


3. Manage To Focus Users’ Attention

Since websites offer both dynamic as well as static content, certain aspects of the user interface are bound to catch the eye more than others. Of course, images and sentences marked bold are more eye-catching than text and plain text.


Web users can almost instantly recognise motions, patterns and edges, meaning that advertisements that are video-based are more distracting and annoying. But when used to market, they do a great job in catching their attention.


Focusing the attention of a user to a certain area of the side by using visual elements moderately can easily get your users from point to point without them thinking about how it should be done.


Users will have a better sense of orientation if there are fewer question marks, and the trust they can develop for the company the site is representing will also go up. Basically, the user experience with the aim of greater usability will be highway if there is less thinking that is required behind the scenes.


These design principles are important, and a good website can even translate to direct revenue. As said before, the website design agency in Northampton that you need to look at for website development services is One to One Design Studio. They are the best website design company in Northampton, and your business will definitely be taken to the next level with their work.