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What is the difference between a designer and a developer?

What is the difference between a designer and a developer?


People often misunderstand the roles of the designer and the developer. Since they are working on the same project and do work on similar fields, people often confuse their functionalities. Developers use coding language to build the basic structure of a website. They help in all the back-end coding and use coding language to provide any kind of support for the website to run on its own. On the contrary, a designer has all the front-end work that attracts the user's visual art. Web development company says that easy accessibility, seamless experience, and better interaction are factors to be noticed in a talented website designer.


Some of the differences between the designers and developers are-


  • It requires coding and programming language knowledge to understand the creative vision of the designer. Developers are like construction managers while the designers are the architects. Both of them equally important jobs and both are responsible for a job well done. Web design Northampton says that the only difference is that they both have different skills, and there are a variety of designers and developers who specify in particular fields to build an excellent website finally.
  • A designer works on the entire look of a website and gives a visual design to it which the users can see. Therefore, making templates is also a part of the job. In such situations, designers need to sit down with the site owners and understand their requirement and style that is a perfect fit with the concept and purpose of the website. Website design companies near me say that designers combine the wireframes along with the assets like buttons, graphics, images, and more. Other than these, colors, contrast, theme, shapes, typography, and textures are some of the important features that designers take care of while building a website.
  • Web design or application design is not only about art but also involves craft. The application must not only be attractive and appealing but must also be functional. Web development company says that many websites require the users to sign up or purchase to use the application. These are the main reasons a designer must also understand the psychology of the users.
  • A web developer has the primary role of building a site according to the requirements and concerns of the web designer. A developer's skill involves building the website while the role of a designer is to focus on how the users are enjoying it. The relationship between the developer and the designer is very strong as they work hand in hand. JavaScript is a common software to build a smooth-running website, while the web designer does the creative part and adds their touch to the website to build the entire model.


How To Know If You Need a Web Designer or a Web Developer?


Now that you know the difference between the designer and the developer, it will help you understand if you need a web developer or designer. Website design companies near me say that learning about web development will give you enough knowledge to learn and hire these skills, which makes life a lot easier.


  • If you are looking for a homepage layout for your website, you will require a web designer.
  • When you need a contact form for your site, you will need a web developer.
  • In case of a need for a mobile application, you will require. A web developer.
  • In the case of a new website branding, a designer will have to do the work for you.
  • A website developer also solves hosting and server issues.
  • A web designer helps you to edit videos and photos.