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Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

In this article, we will be looking at black hat SEO techniques that you should absolutely avoid. These techniques may be like shortcuts for you to get more visibility and come higher in the rankings. But in the long term, this will do more damage than good.


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Blackhat SEO Techniques To Avoid


What exactly is black hat SEO in the first place? These are practices that are used to boost the search rankings, but they go against the search engine guidelines. They ignore the searcher's intent and cheat the system to get visibility.


While this will improve visibility and ranking, it will do more damage in the long run. Here are some of the common techniques that should be avoided.


  • Low-Quality Content

Search engines prefer high-quality content websites because they are not easy or cheap to make. But black hat marketers try to cheat the system as they push out content that is cheap and of low-value and low quality. Instead, it is better to create content that is relevant and valuable.


  • Keyword Stuffing and Duplicate Content

Keyword stuffing is when a keyword is excessively used to get the search engines to rank the site for the target. A page may use keyword stuffing if the percentage of keyword density is high. Duplicate content, as the name suggests, is putting up the same content on different pages on a site to affect the rankings. Both of these are techniques that are against search engine guidelines.


It is better to use keyword optimization instead and make sure that there is no duplicate content so that you are not doing things against the search engine guidelines.


  • Cloaking

This is a technique that tricks the search engine into ranking terms that are not actually related to the context of the web page at all. This means that one piece of content is shown to search engines while users see something completely different.


  • Misleading Redirects

This is another technique used to mislead search engines and the audiences that come to the page. A redirect link is set up, and when users click on it, they end up on a different page. Sometimes a high-quality page is linked to a low-quality one to boost the latter’s rankings.


  • Buying Backlinks

One way to boost search rankings is if a lot of high-quality sites link to your site. Black hat marketers pay websites for this at times. It is better to earn high-quality backlinks organically instead of doing this.


  • Link Farms and Private Blog Networks

These are two ways that black hats try so that they can build links inorganically. Here a marketer would use or even pay to use a network of different websites that have been made only to link to sites that want to up the search rankings.


  • Spamming Blog Comments

A marketer may comment on many different blog posts linking back to their own website in an attempt to get links back to their site.


  • Abusing Structured Data

Structured data or schema markup is a code that is added to individual web pages to indicate to search engines what rich information is to be displayed on the results pages. Black hat SEO manipulates the structured data to get false information on the search results.



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