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The 10 Best Ecommerce Marketing Companies of 2021

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry. Experts have said that global eCommerce sales will see growth from 4.2 trillion in the year 2020 to 6.5 trillion by the year 2023. The pandemic and remote working have also added to this growth. This booming growth in this industry has created competition. Whether you are in an ecommerce digital marketing agency or an ecommerce websites design company, or any other, competition is severe. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 ecommerce marketing companies in the UK.



Digital Media Team does paid advertising for various eCommerce companies. DMT is based in Manchester and has a team of 26 people that work with clients to give paid social services like social media management, email marketing, PPC and much more. It is worth noting that DMT is a Google Partner and also a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner.



Favoured is a marketing agency that was founded in the year 2017 with a team that had less than ten people. Its headquarters are in London, and they provide mobile and app marketing services, along with services of digital strategy for small businesses of different industries, advertising, and more.


  • CEEK

CEEK is an SEO firm and a social media marketing company that is also based in London. They began in 2016, and they currently have a team of 35 people. They provide services to their clients in business service sections, hospitality as well as advertising. The services that CEEK provides includes local search, link earning, and content development.



The SEO works is based in London, UK, and they have a team of 35 online marketers that specialise in web design, advertising and SEO along with brand managers, link builders and content managers. They provide paid social media management, website development, and digital marketing services to their clients across UK. The SEO Works is Bing Ad accredited and is also a Google Partner Specialist for PPC and SEO.



Loud Mouth Media was founded in 2011 and how has a team of more than 25 employees that provide social media marketing as well as PPC services. They are based in Belfast, in the UK, and they have offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Glasgow.



TopLine Comms was founded in the year 2008, and they are a digital SEO and PR agency that is based in London. They also have an office in Cape Town, South Africa. They have a team of 17 members that specialise in content marketing services, SEO, as well as PR. They have clients that are from the financial services, education industry and even business in IT that can be classified as being small to midmarket.



Re:signal was founded in 2012 and is a marketing agency that is headquartered in London. They provide content marketing and SEO services.



They are a digital marketing agency in Lancaster that was founded in 2000, and they serve small business particularly. They provide content marketing, PPC and SEO management services, among other such services.




Spin Brands is another social media marketing agency that was founded in 2016 in London. They specialise in social media management but also provide services like SEO, web design, PPC campaigns and all the other elements involved in digital marketing.



Pearl Lemon was founded in 2016, and they have 13 members that specialise in social media marketing, email marketing as well as SEO. They are a digital-based strategy agency based in London.



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