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What makes a Good Website stand out?

Making a website isn’t a herculean task with the number of templates, free or paid, that are available. However, this does not mean that the website is going to be great. There is a lot of work and energy that needs to be put into keeping the website up to date with the trends. You also have to consider the fact that testing and maintenance takes expertise.


This is why people hire agencies to do this. One great example is a website design company in Northampton, One to One Design Studio, that can do website development, design and a lot more under one roof. This website design agency in Northampton has a team of unique experts that offer great service to their clients so that they can get a good website.


But what exactly will make a really good website? In this article, we will look into that.

What Makes a Good Website stand out?


  • Optimised for Mobile

In the age where all things are digital, your site must work well and also look great on any platform possible. This means that every website needs to be optimised for phones and tablet devices as well. This improves the SEO rankings and the experience of your visitors as well.


  • Well Designed and Functional

A company’s brand, services, and products are reflected on the website. This makes it important to keep it looking professional, polished and appealing. White space, uncluttered layouts, quality graphics and photographs all help your brand message get through. What’s more, is that the site needs to be working as expected.


This means that it has to be tested regularly for any problems like functionality or speed, has to be proofread, and needs to be built according to web standards. Each page needs to be functional and fast as any page can be the first or only impression that a potential customer has. If your pages are poorly constructed, slow, or broken, it will end up in visitors leaving.


  • Clear calls to action

Why are CTAs important? If your sire doesn’t ask the visitors to do anything, they will not. The purpose of your site needs to be clear. Even sites that are purely informational ask their visitors to read and share, maybe follow them on other platforms, join mailing lists, etc. This is important, and calls to action need to be added on every page.


  • Easy to Use

Site users are in a hurry, and this means that making them work for information is a bad idea. UX plays a major role in helping the visitor stay, understand, and use the website. Logical and obvious navigation with a clear hierarchy is extremely important.


Consistent visual cues and layouts help with functionality. This also means that the sire should satisfy people coming to look for something in particular and also those that are just looking. Helping them complete their tasks helps in keeping them engaged if you minimise dead ends and recommend related content.


  • Fresh and Quality Content

It is important to be new, interesting, and succinct in what you do on your site. The language that you use has to make sense to your audience, so it is best to avoid acronyms or jargons. Visitors also have a short attention span, so you need to be relevant, accurate, update your site regularly and explain your ‘why’ in simple terms.


A great way to keep fresh content that helps in visitors returning are social media updates and blogs. This does require some investment, but it can be challenging to go without this.


One to One Design Studio, the website design company in Northampton, as mentioned, knows exactly what is needed to make a good website. This is an excellent web design agency in Northampton because of the quality, pricing, and meticulous work they do to ensure that their clients get the very best website.