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Red Flags That Indicate Your Website Needs A Redesign

The colour red indicates danger. So red flags mean signs that one needs to stop and change the course. Red flags on the website can be taken as signs that it's time to renovate the website. Web designers in Northampton list a few red flags that should be taken seriously.


  • Slow Speed


According to reports, users are more likely to leave a page if they need to wait for more than 3 seconds. Time is precious and no one wants to wait for long. Faster loading sites grab user attention and makes them stay longer. According to Website development company in Northampton, conversion rates for slower websites are very low. The cache also results in slow speed. Apply tools to clear cache and keep a check on loading speed through various free speed tools available. Expectations of users vary from industry to industry. For E-commerce websites speed must be an important factor.


  • Outdated Styling


Trends and Designs keep on changing rapidly. Considering the competitive market, it is extremely important to keep up with the current taste. If the website design uses fonts that were popular five years back and colours that are no longer in vogue, it creates a bad impression. Keep a check on customer expectations and what’s trending. Style your website in accordance with the current marketing trends.


  • Old Content


Website development company in Northampton tells how a lot of businesses lost potential customers just because of their casual attitude towards their website marketing. When a customer visits a website and sees that the last update has been made years ago, they are likely to believe that the business is no longer in operation. Make sure to update frequently on your website. Keep updating new content from time to time. If you have added new products/services, ensure that they are updated on your site.


  • Poor Navigation


It might be possible that your site is full of content but the user has not been able to reach a lot of it. Add menus and sidebars linking them to posts, projects or categories. A primary menu is a must but apart from that have secondary menus to list hidden content. You can have widgets on the side of the posts so that users can easily navigate to other posts or pages. If your site is too complicated and the user finds it difficult to navigate, it’s a mess.


  • Increasing Bounce Rates


If the user makes an exit after viewing just one page that can be explained as bouncing. Websites that have higher bounce rates need to rethink their marketing strategies. Increasing bounce rates indicates that something is definitely not right and the website has not been able to grasp attention.


  • Poor Search Ranking


Thousands of websites are available on the internet and if one site is underperforming a customer flocks to another in no time. Ensure your site is ranked higher than your competitors with the help of various ranking tools available. Work on the user UX and UI design, add the right keywords, fix broken links. Remember that the customer is not going to run out of options but businesses might run out of customers.


  • Not Responsive


Web designers in Northampton recommend that one design a site keeping in mind that it is more likely to be viewed on a mobile-first. Responsiveness has become a crucial factor in determining the standard of a site.  Sites that are not mobile-friendly need to be redesigned.