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Why does your Website need an Audit?

A website audit is something that is necessary as it can give webmasters a detailed and complete analysis of the sites speed, performance, and health. This assessment can give the site owners a full picture of how effective the site is, where it can be improved, and also identifies issues that are causing damage to the health of the site.


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Let’s talk about why your website needs an audit and the benefits you get out of it.

Why Your Website Need an Audit?


  • Your Users Cannot Navigate the Website Easily

If you’re looking at your own website every day, it is going to be very easy for you to navigate through it because you know exactly how it works. However, this also means that it is easy to overlook any problems that another visitor or user may have. Some such problems may include:

  • A ‘sign up now’ pop up that is full screen and comes before the user has even gone past the homepage.
  • Instead of all your services listed in the top menu, it is best to get it organised in a dropdown. This keeps the number of taps on the main menu to a minimum.
  • Users should also not have to lick more than thrice to get to the page they want to. This is applicable to search engines also.
  • No option for a search function/
  • There is a dilution of useful information if there is an overload of it on the homepage.
  • The social icons, address, email ID, phone numbers, etc., need to be clear and not difficult to find.


  • There is no proper website optimisation

SEOs over a whole range of things, and all of this can be rectified with simple site audits. The basic things that are checked include things like:

  • Duplicate pages can be identified and rectified.
  • You can fix broken links, internal or external.
  • You can ensure that all your pages have the proper URL structures as is required.
  • Any mixed content issues can be identified and fixed.
  • You can also ensure that all the headings have been used the right way through the site.
  • All the pages need to have relevant and unique metadata.


  • The website takes too long to load

People generally do not have high levels of patience, which means that your website needs to load quickly. If it takes more than 5 seconds to do so, you will end up with a higher cart abandonment rate when it comes to e-commerce websites, lower pages each session and a higher bounce rate.


Research shows that when the load time increases from just a second to three, the bounce rates can go up to 32%, and if this goes to six seconds, the bounce rate will go even higher to 106%.


When it comes to Google, they said that site speed is an important ranking factor. What this means is that the sites that take a long time to load can end up being pushed downwards in the SERPS, which affects the visitor rate adversely.


  • Analysing Competitors

An understanding of the online strategies that your competitors have and are carrying out is important to stay on top of the industry. So, a good audit needs some competitor analysis.


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