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Make Your Shopping Experience Better with Magento Ecommerce

Magneto eCommerce has been dubbed the very best E-commerce software for fast-growing businesses and enterprises online. This is not without cause, and we will be exploring why this is so in the article as you read on.


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Make Your Shopping Experience Better with Magento Ecommerce Website Design in Northampton


1. Open Source

This basically means that developers can modify the source code to add any functionality or features by installing or even creating plug-ins and add-ons. This means that there are no restrictions as to what can be done on the site.


2. Scalable

You can easily scale Magneto into what you want according to your needs and requirements. Since it is extremely flexible, it will adapt to your requirements regardless of whether your business is big or small.


3. Easy to Manage

Magneto is a platform where multiple stores can easily be managed by one admin panel, thereby saving a lot of energy and time when it comes to the management of online sales. There are also features for order management, shipping, international support, as well as currency and multi-language features. 


4. User-Friendly

The layout on Magneto has product reviews, zoom in capabilities and also makes site navigation simple and easy. You can easily display all the products in your store and give your customers a great overall experience.


5. Supports Mobile Commerce

Phones and other handheld devices are accounting for a large chunk of purchases online, and this is something that will only grow as time goes on. This means that if you’re looking to switch platforms and need something that works with mobiles, Magneto is the right fit for you. The shopping experience that is offered is excellent on mobile devices and also web browsers.


6. Search Engine Optimisation

A very effective and efficient way to get returns on your investment is by gaining traffic from search engings. Magneto assists SEO so you can make descriptions, tags, and URLs with the relevant keywords that will serve your business the best.


Magneto helps in bringing inbound traffic and also has tools so you can see a boost in the average order value and also for conversion optimisation.


7. Security and Payment Options

Magneto also ensures that your customers feel safe when they make purchases online as you can easily implement a dedicated IP and SSL security. There are also multiple payment options that are found for the better convenience of the customers.


8. Integration with Third-Party Services

You can very easily integrate any third-party applications, party extensions and also additional plug-ins so you can optimise the eCommerce store even better with things like marketing automation, payment gateways, tag management tools, and also shipping providers.


9. Analytics and Reporting

You can also integrate tools like Google Checkout, Google Base, and Google Analytics with Magneto so you can easily keep track of the customers you have online and market to them with great efficiency.


10. Community Support

Lastly, there is a massive global community of developers online on Magneto, and they discuss updates, share tips and also help others to solve technical support issues through events and forums.


We hope that this article has convinced you of the merits of using Magneto so you can see your business boom.


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