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Is WooCommerce the Right E-commerce Platform for my Business?

WooCommerce is a platform that powers more than 30% of online stores that makes it a very popular option among others like Magneto. In this article, we will be looking at what the platform is and if it can be the perfect option for your own business.


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Is WooCommerce The Right E-commerce Platform For My Business?


Benefits of WooCommerce


WooCommerce has a large user base, and it also has a lot of benefits that are offered like:


  • Simple for WordPress sites

WooCommerce is actually a WordPress plugin which means that you need a site that runs on WordPress to use this. You can also install it in a subdirectory if you don’t. If you already use WordPress then using WooCommerce to add eCommerce functionality will be easy. All you need to do is install it, follow the set-up process, and you’re done.


You can also set it up manually if you are a developer. All that is needed to get the store running is to add products and write descriptions. After this, you can easily start making sales. The real advantage here is that you can manage the store and the site on one dashboard. You can switch from updating a product page to writing a blog with ease, a convenience that is unique to WooCommerce.


  • Free

It is also free to install and use, so it is an excellent choice for small businesses and also those whose main revenue source is not retail. Businesses of all sizes, though, can use the plugin and all of its features because it is very functional and absolutely free.


  • SEO-friendly

You need to optimise the product pages for people to see your products and your page in the search engine results. If you use WordPress, you would know that you can easily edit the alt tags, meta descriptions, URLs, body content and all other elements with ease.


WooCommerce as a plugin is exactly the same. The process of optimising the pages is simple, even for those that are not familiar with coding. Writing copies and keyword research is still important, but it is very easy to get the copy where you need it.


Disadvantages of WooCommerce


If you have a small business or want to see just a few products on a site you have already, WooCommerce is an excellent choice. It is simple and, to a certain point, free. But if you want to launch an eCommerce site with thousands of products, then this is not the platform for you. And just like any other product, there are some disadvantages to this platform:


  • Paid Extensions

WooCommerce is free, but there are some essential extensions that you need to pay for. Extensions for marketing and reporting, inventory management, support for credit and debit cards and subscription services are some of the important ones, and they are needed to grow your business. You would have to pay for greater eCommerce functionality even if you don’t want all the extensions.


  • Less advanced

Since this is not a platform of its own and is a plugin, you won’t find the advanced functionality you would get in some other options. It does not support multiple currencies or languages, and only one storefront can be set up.



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