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Digital Marketing Trends you cannot ignore in 2021

Digital marketing is a field that keeps changing, and this has been so since its introduction. There are a lot of software and developments that are available to help marketers stay one step ahead in the competitive market.


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Digital Marketing Trends


1. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing’s goal is to enhance the user experience by using a feedback-driven model for higher trust and engagement. This is available on various channels so that the brands can meet customers on the platforms and devices accessible to them. This has been ranked as the most sophisticated alternative for this age and is integral for digital marketing.


There are three steps to this, recommendation, understanding, and engagement, so a lasting relationship is built with the customer. Another merit of this is the higher lead conversion ratio that results in insights into the needs of the customer.


2. SEO A/B Split Testing

The marketing landscape right now has a lot to do with repeating processes, analysis, experimentation, and testing. SEO A/B Split Testing is one of the best tools to make decisions that increase conversions and then flourish in the highly competitive market space, and then conversions can increase.


A study found that there is zero organic traffic that can be obtained from about 91% of the content. This is where SEO A/B Split Testing comes in, so there can be higher revenues and conversions. Many eCommerce brands have seen the effects of this, and this is why it is important to adopt this to save money and time.


3. Personalisation

Digital marketing has become an even more integral part of a brand as the pandemics, and the lockdowns began. Reports state that there have been ten years worth of digital transformation in barely the last ten months. To make a mark in 2021, brands need to personalise marketing for aspects like multimedia, social media posts, emails, products, newsletters, etc.


Studies show that 89% of customers would like to do business with a company that gives them personalised experiences. High performing brands have seen an increase of more than half in business when they used personalised segmentation and data-targeting.


This is why personalisation is one of the most powerful tools in 2021 and should not be ignored. It produces better results as compared to other alternatives.


4. Visual Search

Visual search is another aspect that needs to be considered. As technology has advanced, you may not have to type your queries into an engine but can upload an image to get relevant and specific results.


This is something that you can see practically in the success of Pinterest and Google Lens. In 2021, marketers can use this technology to serve customers the product that they like.


5. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content or UGC has to be a part of marketing strategies in this ear. This is how brands can get opportunities to have a sense of community, keep up with the industry and also have a connection with customers.


Most of the popular social media platforms are key suppliers in the UGC market globally. Estimates state that the size of the UGC market will go up to USD 439170 million by the time 2026 ends. The way to tap into the millennial and gen z markets is to encourage your target audience to share content by partnering with them and by offering discounts.



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