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Is Building a Website Easy?

Building a website is actually pretty easy. It’s a very complicated process, and there are many resources that can help you online. But to get the very best website working for you, it is best to hire a company that can help. If you’re looking for web design Northampton or even web design UK, we recommend One to One Design Studio.


But why hire web development companies when you can do it yourself? One of the main reasons is if you’re running a business, you simply may not have enough time to make, test, run and keep updating your website. If you hire a web development company, they can do this work for you while keeping to the current trends, so you’re not left behind.


How to Build a Website

Let’s look at how web development companies go about building a website for you.


  1. Domain Name

Picking a domain name is the first thing that is really important when it comes to having a website online. You can either buy a domain name altogether or pay yearly or however else the plan is for the domain name. It is best to ensure that you’re domain name is not too long, is memorable and that it uses a .com extension, if possible, as that is the easiest to remember.


  1. Choose the website software

Many people prefer using a website builder to help them make a website with ease, be it personal blogs, business sites, niche sites, or eCommerce stores. The opportunities are endless with this. Most people prefer WordPress as it is an open-source system meaning that anyone can code or build features as they would want for their website.


  1. Theme

A theme is essential when it comes to a website, and you need to ensure that it looks good, is in alignment with the latest standards while also functioning properly. All this can be difficult if you have no experience with this sort of thing, and this is where the company you hire can do it for you with ease. The theme that you choose will be the foundation of the design of your entire website.


  1. Customisation

Once a theme is chosen, the next thing to do is to customise it. This is so that your website looks unique and speaks of the objectives and goals that you have in mind, even visually. It is essential to customise all the elements so that you get a unique look, but the website still remains functional. A few things that come under this would be the number of pages you have, the pictures you use, the colour palette you want, the general layout and text elements, etc.


  1. Testing

Going live on your website is easy and exciting, but it is best to wait until the testing phase is over. This means that you can see what the user will experience when they go on your website, and you can also deal with any potential bugs.


  1. Publishing

This is the final step to making your website, and this is when people can actually go on and use your website for whatever goal and objective that you had originally decided on.


A company that you hire would code all these elements since it is a lot more flexible as they have access to source code. They are not limited to the design inflexibility that website builders give you. You can ask them to make any modifications as you would like, and since they have a good handle and knowledge of coding, they can do what you would want.



As mentioned above, if you’re looking for a company that can help you with web design Northampton or web design UK, then One to One Design Studio is the right fit for you. They offer a variety of services under one roof and give you cost-effective and high-quality service.