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7 Criteria to ensure you select the right Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Service in simplified terms can be described as a machine to machine interaction over a network. Cloud service is offered by third party providers to users over the internet in the form of software, platform or infrastructure.


Cloud computing is available in 3 formats - private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, multi-cloud. And three services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platforms as a service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Just like information is stored on the hardware on your computer, cloud service stores the information on the cloud, which is the internet.  It allows multi-user systems and remote operations. As more and more IT systems are externalized it is difficult to choose the right Cloud service. Let us see the things Web Design company in Northampton asks to keep in mind.


  • Requirements Check


Web Design services in Northampton suggests its clients jot down the requirements in accordance with their business. Service providers will give a set of specifications. It is easy to eliminate the ones that do not match your requirements. Select the ones that match the requirements of your business.


  • Certified Providers


Having a huge number of competitors in the market makes it quite a task to rely on the service providers. Opt for the ones who are ISO certified and follow recognized standards and quality frameworks. Make sure their service adheres to best practices in terms of industry standards.


  • Costing


Different providers have different cost structures for their services. Web Design company in Northampton cost might not be the single factor to determine the right provider but definitely an important one. Certain providers require one to pay a set amount beforehand, while some on the basis of the number of hours used. So choose the one that suits your business model, budget and timeline.


  • Data Management


Data is one of the most important concerns. Ensure the protection of data if you wish to keep sensitive data. Before selecting a service provider check whether their policy complies with privacy rules and they can avoid data breaches or not. Web Design services in Northampton advises asking for internal security audit reports.


  • Service Roadmap


Technologies keep on changing with time and new ones keep setting the bench higher. While selecting your service provider take a look at their future plans. How do they plan to grow more and bring in new innovations to hold their ground in this extremely competitive market?


  • Support


Support is key when you are dealing with technology. Technical support is necessary during the migration of data. Choose a cloud service provider who is available 24 by 7. Ask questions beforehand about what kind of support one is likely to receive from the service provider. One might need assistance to manage the technical glitches.


  • Reliability


Research well before choosing the service provider. Check their performance in the last few years. Ensure that the company has been able to handle both planned and unplanned downtime. In case of disaster, whether they have been able to take responsibility and recover lost data. Handing over your sensitive data and inside information is no joke so make sure to choose a reliable service provider.


Compare different service providers and select the ones that match your business needs, suits your budget and provide ample support. Verify the certificates before you set on your cloud computing journey.