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E-commerce Website UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are many e-commerce websites that are out there as many people are trying to make their business successful. But this does not work every time as there are many UI/UX design mistakes that are made that can be an obstacle to making revenue. This is why it is important that you hire an experienced ecommerce website design company in Northampton to help you through this. We recommend One to One Design Studio as they are experienced in e-commerce website design in Northampton, offering a variety of services.


E-commerce Website UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid while designing your website UI/UX. Avoiding them and doing better can really put your e-commerce website and business up and on par with all the competitors, and traffic can result in revenue being generated, thereby allowing your business to scale up continuously.


Complex Navigation Interface

The interface of any website should be intuitive and easy for any user to be able to navigate quickly. There should be opinions and filters to sort the products so that they are able to find the product they need. A comprehensive search option is also important. If it takes time for the user to get used to the interface itself, they may not stay long enough to know who you are or what you’re offering.


Poor Quality Images and Product Descriptions

This would include the descriptions being vague or incomplete, product images taking too long to load or being of bad quality, lack of call to action, not showcasing related content, etc. Good quality images and descriptions mean that all important details are shown and that the product image is clear, the descriptions are engaging, complete and accurate, the content has enough information for consumers to make a decision, and similar content is there to give more options.


Missing Contact Information

Not having contact information or a phone number can lead people to leave the website. This is why having relevant information and links to other social media pages is important.


No Focus on Product Details

When the product page has full descriptions of the product, users tend to trust the website a lot more. It is also more helpful where detailed reviews and multiple images are provided with the products. If the details are incorrect, a user may not make a purchase even if store prices are lower. There is a greater chance of getting more traffic to other products on the site when sharing options and related products are there.


Confusing Content with Call to Action Links

Every time you have a call to action link, it should be separated from the rest of the content using whitespace, size, and colours to make it prominent so that the user can see it at a glance. It is important to have the call to action links as accurate as possible and not having ambiguous titles. The primary call to action links and the secondary ones should be differentiated clearly and distinctly.


Hidden Fees

Hidden fees will result in bad customer service and trust issues in customers. Fixed percentages of investments are marked as fees in the financial industry but are not mentioned upfront. Taxes and fees are also often not put with the price and appear when the final payment is to be made. This can result in abandoned shopping carts and bad word of mouth that can kill any organic growth and can kill a start-up.



As mentioned, the best way to avoid the common UI/UX mistakes is to hire a website design company in Northampton like One to One Design. This is an e-commerce website design in Northampton that has a variety of services to offer so you can rest easy and let them handle your website while you focus on your business.