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Why your Business Should Have a Website

Every business should have a website, especially in the age where everything is digital and online. It is best to look for an ecommerce websites design company to do this for you since it can be challenging to manage a website while keeping up with all the new trends and changes with these websites. We have for you, in this article, reasons why you should have a website for your business. And as said, it is best to hire an ecommerce websites design company to do this so you can get work done more efficiently.


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Why your Business Should Have a Website


  • Professionalism

A study showed that 84% of consumers today are of the opinion that a website makes your business or company a lot more credible than those that only have social media profiles. Your website is the best place for you to put up any awards or certificates of professionalism that you may have.


  • New Customers

If you keep aspects like SEOs in mind, you can attract more customers and thereby more business by making your website visible on Google. This optimisation can even result in direct business and a better customer turnover.


  • Products and Services

Unlike on social media, where you have to work around the features that are available to you, you get to decide what you want to put on your social media and how. There are many ways to put up information about your products and services customised to your needs so that more customers are attracted, and they actually stay on the website. Adding images and such can help with an enhanced sense of credibility and authenticity.


  • Reviews and Testimonials

Establishing social proof is easy with the prominent display of your best reviews and testimonials. These are generally the first thing a potential customer looks at to check if you actually offer the services that you say you are offering. Reviews can help establish credibility in the quality and service you are offering to your customers.


  • Encourages Contact

A website makes it easy to put up all kinds of contact information about you to potential customers. You could even publish this information on the headers and footers if you so desire to make it easy for customers to find contact information.


  • Google Maps

A website allows you to embed maps into your content directly on your home page or any other page. This can help users find the location of your business more easily, and this especially works if you are a service that hosts events as it can attract people outside of your neighbourhood to your location.


  • Establishes Place

If your competitors do not have a place online, they will make one soon. You could establish yourself as a trendsetter in this case by making a website that is high-quality first. If your competitors are online, you can make something that is uniquely you and prove how you are set apart from any other business like yours in the market.


  • Not Intimidating

Due to the growth and emergence of many website development and design companies, it is no longer intimidating work to have your own website. You can simply hire a good company and relax as they build, test, manage, as well as update your website regularly.



We hope that this article has convinced you of the importance of having a good website for your business. As mentioned before, we recommend One to One Design Studio if you’re looking for one of the best web design companies Northampton. They are also an excellent website agency in Northampton, and they provide quality service that is cost-effective and can meet all your requirements.