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Some Video Marketing Trends to know about

Marketing trends keep on changing and video marketing is no different. Not everyone likes to research a product/service and read for hours. Digital Marketing Agency in Northampton says Video content is more appealing to the sight. A user is more likely to try or buy after watching a certain thing. Video content provides more authenticity and attracts customers faster. A person can quickly watch a video while eating or on a walk and multitask. Digital Marketing Company UK recommends video content to be a critical part of marketing strategy. Let us see a few ways of adding video content to your marketing activities.


  • Interactive Videos


Interactive videos have a higher percentage of gaining attention in comparison to traditional or linear videos. Linear videos are traditional videos and mostly have functions like start, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward. The conclusion being there is not much you can do apart from watching but Interactive videos have gained tremendous popularity in recent times. Interactive videos have functions like polls in between, clickable areas leading to new web pages. Quizzes or assessments at the end of the videos to engage the audience and keep them attentive.


  • Vlogs


Video log or Videoblog combines and results in Vlog. A vlog can be explained as a video including text, images and other metadata.  Digital Marketing Company UK saw a rapid increase in the number of people watching Vlogs. Vlog is mostly created by compiling a series of small videos into a whole component. Vlogs can differ from informational to personal, broadcasting to conversational. Vlogs work great for creating brand stories.


  • Short Videos


Short videos have gained a lot of popularity. Conveying ideas or messages in a short span says a lot about the quality of the content. Less is more and with that motto, short videos make the most of it. Tik-Tok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts are all examples of short videos that have been taking most of the internet space.


  • Social Media Stories


Social Media Stories is another cool way of engaging customers into light interactions. Social Media Stories are meant for casual content. A sneak peek into what’s trending or what’s coming next or bits of a recent shoot. Social Media Stories allows one to ask questions, take reviews or generate polls.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with customers on a day to day basis.


  • User-Generated Content


User-Generated Content seems a more reliable and appealing source of advertisement. A user generates content and shares on their social media and one can reshare the same on their official business page and provide customers with a more authentic source of products/services. A customer is more likely to view a UGC and build trust immediately.


  • Vertical Videos


The majority of people view content over mobile phones instead of wide monitor screens. Horizontal videos are no longer in vogue. Most of the videos seen on the internet are vertical. All Tik Tok videos available on social media are the same.


  • Live Videos


Influencers/People are often seen going live during the launch of a product/film, etc. Digital Marketing Agency in Northampton suggests live videos as one of the most interesting means of engagement. One could not get the tickets for the live concert but managed to watch their favorite band live from the official page. This is the magic that live videos add to our digital world. Live Videos have become a thing and have been engaging more and more people.