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How to Decide What Works for You - Custom or Theme Based Websites

Building a website is fun; however, only until you know how to approach your site. There are two ways to build a website, theme websites and custom-built websites. The web development companies provide consultation to their clients to choose the best approach for their site. Although both are great ways, yet they vary in the budget, functional abilities, and timeline. 

The Difference Between Theme websites and Custom-Built Websites

Custom built websites is like making a website from scratch with HTML codes, JavaScript, and more. However, Theme websites are like ready-made sites which doesn't require much work. The custom website design company in UK suggests that the best way to choose between the two is to know about the pros and cons of the two approaches. 


Custom-Built Websites

The web development companies develop sites with Custom-built sites take a lot of time as you build the site from scratch. It requires developing a design and a backend code. 


The Pros of Custom-Built Websites

  • The custom-built websites can be made exactly the way you want them to be. You can create your animation, icons, buttons, and graphics. 
  • You can create your design website with this approach. 
  • The search engine optimization is under your control, and you get power with source codes and layouts. 
  • In the case of big changes in the future, custom-built websites are the best. 
  • The digital agencies in UK suggest that custom-built website gives you a web developer who can help you with your business goals and site. 


The Cons of Custom-Built Websites

  • It takes a lot of time to built these websites as you need to design and code them. 
  • Since it takes a lot of time, custom-built websites are expensive, almost twice the websites' cost. 
  • The website design companies near me says it is not necessary to build a website from scratch to fulfil your goals and dreams. 


Theme Websites

The custom website design company in UK suggest that websites are the ones that have already written code with templates and stylesheets. Every theme is different and has define page layouts, functions, capabilities, and structure of the website. 


The Pros of Theme Websites

  • The theme websites can be quickly set up. 
  • The time frame being less, you can make the website at a low cost. 
  • You will get a variety of customization options like fonts, functionality, and colours. Therefore, even with similar themes, the websites look different for every company. 
  • The digital agencies in UK reports that theme websites are as capable as the custom-built websites. 


The Cons of Theme Websites

  • You cannot change the entire text or image parameters, page layouts, icon selection, and navigation. Hence, your customizing abilities are limited. 
  • Themes are available for everyone. Hence, there can be other companies using a similar theme and framework. 
  • You don't get better support like the custom-built web developers with theme website developers. Also, they might not have enough knowledge like a coder. 


The website design companies near me suggest that it is not easy to choose between the two approaches. However, if you have a tight budget and are looking for a site with fewer customization functions, then the theme website can be budget-friendly and easy to handle. However, custom-built websites have their perks.