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How to Create a Strong Brand Identity for Your Business?

What is a brand, exactly? There are many responses one may get, but one way to sum it up would be to say that it is a reputation - what other people say about you. This is precisely why having a strong brand identity is extremely important to building up a brand that will last.


This is not an easy job, though, and many hire agencies to help with this. One particular web design agency in Northampton that offers these services is One to One Design Studio. They are one of the best logo designing services in Northampton and are an excellent choice to help you build a strong brand identity.


How to Create a Strong Brand Identity for Your Business?


Here are some things to keep in mind when building a strong brand identity.


  • Research


It is impossible to make a band identity that will be relevant to and resonate with your customers if you do not understand them. This is why the first thing to do is to know who your audience is and then to get to know them. Make personas that define what they like, don't like, their values, and their hobbies.


Once this is done, you can start with competitive research. This would involve asking how other companies in your field position themselves when it comes to their themes, personalities and visual elements.


It is also important to speak to people that are nearest to your band, like your employees. They are the ones who would have a perspective on what has or has not worked in the past and how it is that the company should be portrayed.


  • Assets


This is the bit where you can take what you have learned and translate it into visuals. The common brand assets are photographs and graphics for marketing campaigns, iconography, typography, colour palettes, and the logo. You would also need a style guide that would explain the tone of voice and logo usage, and other aspects related to the brand.


When you send out a message, it is important to understand that the onus is not on your customers to understand what it is. It, therefore, needs to be clear from the get-go. There also needs to be consistency in all aspects of your brand, no matter where it is seen. Commitment is also important to keep up a brand identity.


  • Brand story


You need to cement your brand identity with a story, but this does not really need to be the origin story. It can, however, have some components of why it was that you started your business. Here are some questions that the goal of your brand story should answer:

  • What is it that you and your brand believe in?
  • What are the pain points that are alleviated by your product or service?
  • Why did you decide that these are the pains that your business will alleviate?
  • Where do you see your business and brand heading?


Remember that the elevator pitch that you give when you are asked what your business is, is not the brand story. It is more of why your brand exists and how it relates to the people.


  • Re-iterate and refine


It is okay if your brand identity changes over time. You will need to keep refining it once it’s been made based on customer feedback. You also need to test new tactics and strategies to see what works for your brand in particular.



As mentioned, the web design agency in Northampton that you should hire to help you build a strong brand identity would be One to One Design Studio. They also offer logo designing services in Northampton as this is also a big part of brand building. There is in-depth analysis and research done when it comes to brand building, and this meticulous work will not disappoint.