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10 Best Practices for Your Ecommerce Website

Building a good, simple, and functional e-commerce website is essential. In this article, we will look at the best practices for an e-commerce website. One to One Design Studio is an ecommerce website development companythat can help you develop your e-commerce website. This is an ecommerce website development agency in Northampton that is experienced in this field.

10 Best Practices for an Ecommerce Website


  • Avoid clutter

There is a higher conversion rate when it comes to e-commerce websites that have a simplistic design. It is best to aim for a clear point of focus for visitors to see when they come to the page, a CTA that is not cluttered by too much and the website should not be confusing or overwhelming.


  • Simplify your menus

The menus on your site need to be organised as you do not want things to be overcomplicated. Too many categories will prevent your customers from finding what they want. Use broader terms for your menus and have dropdowns for the other options instead of putting too many options.


  • Search Bar

Adding to what was said about simplicity with simple menu options, you need a search bar. This is important for e-commerce sites that have thousands of options to choose from. This can help the potential customers easily find exactly what they want without too much confusion as the search bar simplifies the search process.


  • Buy a premium service for web hosting

Speed is an important aspect of having a successful website. Slower loading time can encourage visitors to leave, which means that investing in a hosting plan that will do more will result in higher conversion rates. Speed differences of a few seconds can make a major impact on this.


  • Eliminate steps in your checkout process

Even if a visitor has decided to buy something from you, if the process to checkout is too long, it can result in abandoned shopping carts. The key thing here is to get essential information to quickly move to the transaction.


  • Don’t force but encourage shoppers to create a profile

Buyers should not have to make a profile to buy products from you. You can encourage them to do this, but there should be an option for guest checkout. Forcing them to make a profile can result in abandoned carts.


  • Send shopping cart abandonment emails

Once profiles have been set up, you can easily tell when the user has added products to the cart and hasn’t bought this. It is clear that they were interested enough to buy the product, so this should not be ignored. It is best to send emails reminding them about the sale, but not too many emails to turn them away.


  • Prioritise SEO

It is not possible that people that want your product will go directly to your website. A good chunk of consumers come to websites through various search engines. This means that your site has to be one of the top results; otherwise, they will go to your competitors.


  • Write blog posts on a regular basis

People do not go to websites regularly unless they’re buying something, and this is not something that happens too often. This is why adding a blog can increase traffic to your site on a regular basis. Once they’re on the site, the chances of them buying something is higher.


  • Build an email subscriber list

To have an e-commerce site that is successful, you need lots of visitors and steady traffic to your site. An email list is the best thing you can get to keep contacting them with offers and sales.


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